Pokemon GO for Plane Spotters? (VarDragons)

Pokemon Go is een Augmented Reality (AR) Spel, in het Nederlands vertaald als Toegevoegde Realiteit (TR)

Eigenlijk kan je dit het beste zien alsof je meespeelt in een film als "Who framed Roger Rabbit" waarbij je als speler rondloopt in de echte wereld, maar dan met "echte" Pokémon, Gyms, Pokéstops toegevoegd via je mobiel.
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Pokemon GO for Plane Spotters? (VarDragons)

Berichtdoor Rayancaleb » 20 dec 2017, 12:08

Hey guys,

Looking for feedback on a project im working:

So im an aviation freak, and my partners and I are launching a augmented reality game (much like Pokemon GO)..but instead of little creatures we will have dragons...and they will be tied to live aircraft.

Bottom line: You open the game and the camera mode open on your phone, you look toward the sky where an actual aircraft is flying in real time. But through your phone instead of seeing the plane, you see a 3D dragon. You catch, train, arm the dragon and do battles against other dragons. Dragons are actually tied to actual planes in flight around the world. Might be a boredom breaker for plane spotters? Called VarDragons.

Do you think this would be something aviation lovers like us would be interested in? Full transparency, im NOT a gamer. But I do live on flight tracker apps (FR24, FA, PF, etc.). This would be a essentially a gamified FTA.

Thoughts / suggestions welcome!

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