Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go

Berichtdoor Rayancaleb » 20 dec 2017, 12:10

Hi there,

In case you aren't aware, Pokemon Go is basically Ingress with a Pokémon skin. It's kinda AR - you walk around in the real world looking for Pokemon, at which point it displays it against what your camera sees, and you fling pokeballs at it until you catch it. There are "Pokespots" scattered around that give resources (like extra pokeballs), and gyms at various landmarks that you can conquer and defend for "pokebucks" (the in-game currency).

It's silly and small, but very nostalgic (it's limited to the Gen1 pokemon, at least for now), and a good excuse to get out of the house. The wife and I went walking today, and the trail near our place is *full* of pokespots and several gyms. Right now we're arguing about which team to join, because if we're on the same team we can support each other in the gyms. (You have to defeat all of the trainers and the gym master to take over a gym for your team.)

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